Paull Holme Farm Bed and Breakfast

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Paull Holme Farm, Thorngumbald Road, Paull, HU12 8AX

Local Attractions

Spurn Bird Observatory (30 minutes – 17 miles)

Situated in Kilnsea on the Spurn Peninsula, just 30 minutes from Paull Holme Farm Bed and Breakfast, Spurn Bird Observatory enables bird watchers and experts alike to monitor and observe migratory birds. Book Spurn Bird Observatory accommodation.

Spurn National Nature Reserve (33 minutes – 18 miles)

Also known as Spurn Point Nature Reserve, this national nature reserve is popular with bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts keen to see the wildlife and explore – whether by Spurn safari or rambling on foot. Open all year around and with free entry this unique landscape offers a mix of beaches, sand dunes, mudflats, grassland and buckthorn shrub plants. Book Spurn National Nature Reserve accommodation.

Fort Paull (4 minutes – 1.2 miles)

Fort Paull is the last remaining Napoleonic Fortress in Yorkshire. Originally a gun battery on the Humber bankside in the village of Paull, it is now a heritage museum. with a waxwork museum showcasing figures that have influenced it’s history and an armoury showing different artillery pieces as well as armoured vehicles. Fort Paull is also the location of the last remaining complete Blackburn Beverley, a 1950s British heavy transport aircraft built by Blackburn and General Aircraft and flown by squadrons of the Royal Air Force Transport Command from 1957 until 1967. Book Fort Paull accommodation.

Paull Holme Tower (1 minute – 100 meters)

Paull Holme Tower was originally part of a late medieval manor house dating from the beginning of the 15th century and owned by the Holme family. It is part of a series of towers built on the east coast of England. Book Paull Holme Farm accommodation.

RAF Holmpton Bunker (25 minutes – 14 miles)

This cold war bunker built in the 1950’s is in the village of Holmpton, only 25 minutes away from Paull Holme Farm Bed and Breakfast. Featuring a myriad of surface structures and a command bunker RAF Holmpton served as an early warning radar station as part of the ROTOR Radar Defence Programme. Book RAF Holmpton Bunker accommodation.

The Deep Aquarium (15 minutes – 8 miles)

The Deep is an aquarium located in the city of Hull. Home to over 5,000 animals including shark, tropical fish, rays, turtles and penguins, its only 15 minutes away from Paull Holme Farm Bed and Breakfast. Book The Deep accommodation.

Hull City Centre (15 minutes – 8 miles)

Whether you are looking for places to shop, resturants, activities or are visiting for work, Hull has what you need. Hull has museums, The Deep aquarium, shopping and leisure centres as well as many resturants scattered in the city centre or close by on the Hull Marina. Book Hull accommodation.